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Supply Chain Assurance

For Seafood Sourcing and Trade

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An Expert By Your Side

Sourcing due diligence is painful and expectations are rising. You can read it in the headlines every day.  

Goldfish is assurance software you can use on our platform or customize using APIs to eliminate errors, flag suspicious information and check sourcing data on every transaction for compliance—in real time.


World Class Data

Comprehensive vessel and fishery datasets, plus decoded compliance requirements.

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User-Friendly Platform

Built to regulatory compliance standards, our web platform turns hours of work into minutes.

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Unlimited Applications

Supercharge your spreadsheets, ERP or traceability systems—and join the community.

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Global Datasets

Reliable sources are hard to find and even harder to understand.  

Goldfish's best-in-class datasets are made for scaled up, supercharged screening.


Here are the databases Goldfish maintains:





Registered Fishing Vessels

The world's largest repository of fishing vessels.
Sourced entirely from official public records.
Indexed against every blacklist and sanction.
Over 25 data fields, including:

  • All Vessel Identifiers
  • Associated Registered Fisheries
  • Owner and Beneficial owner 
  • Construction and size details
  • Number of crew




Unique Global Fisheries

The world's most comprehensive index of commercial fisheries, covering virtually all trade.


Fishery data elements:





Trade Regulations

From expansions to sanctions to complete new rules coming on line, seafood compliance is getting more and more complex.  

That's why Goldfish build and maintains a database of all seafood sourcing data and records requirements for US import regulations and when each regulation applies on a product-by-product basis.  It includes the required formatting of each data element for customs clearance purposes which is transformative for interoperability between B2B and B2G systems.

What Goldfish keeps up-to-date:

New: Russia Imports Ban

Cod, herring, pollock and crab imports ban on Russian-origin seafood

Seafood Import Monitoring Program

Detailed sourcing requirements for high-risk species

Shrimp Imports Program

Import bans and sourcing information

Dolphin Safe Tuna / 370

Tuna labeling requirements

Highly Migratory Species
Tuna and swordfish requirements
Antarctic Species / AMLR
Toothfish and krill requirements
Certificate of Admissibility
Import bans and sourcing attestation
Coming Soon: FDA Food Traceability Rule
FSMA 204 begins January 2026
Coming Soon: Catch Certificate Data for EU & UK Exports
Regulations change January 2026
Click the logos below to learn more about regulations Goldfish incorporates.





UI Features

Everyone deserves accurate supply sourcing information—from the smallest producers to the largest retailers. That's why our products are designed with accessibility in mind.

Whether you use paper records, spreadsheets or are looking to move to an online platform, Goldfish's intuitive UI and interoperable output formats—from PDF to CSV to JSON—can help.


Here are some of our user interface features:



One Stop Shop for Vessels

Above: Vessel finder completing all known identifiers.

All vessel data in one seamless screening tool


Use it to:

  • Validate legal fishing

  • Fill in the blanks

  • Find fraud

  • Leverage third party tools


No More Mistakes

Same time, protect yourself from 'gotcha' typos and avoidable inconsistencies with predictive text and our super smart selection menus.


Above: Smart tariff code selection based on species and product features.







Excel has been your reliable workhorse for years, but admit it: your spreadsheet sucks. If you use a traceability or ERP platform, it isn't working as hard as it could for you. Imagine smart menus, in-line validation of critical information, errors corrected and much more—all integrated in your existing platform.  That's the power Goldfish's GraphQL API brings to your company.

It's time for a refresh. More than ever, buyers need to reduce their reputational and compliance risks. Consumers want to know that their purchases are aligned with their values. 


Explore our GraphQL API:



What will You Build?

With unprecedented access and insights into vessels, compliance, legality and regulations, all accessible from a convenient GraphQL playground.

Comprehensive vessel lookup

Leverage a single source of normalized public data from a growing list of countries and RFMOs to access detailed vessel information, including identification, licensing, and compliance history.

Find and remove the ‘baddies’

Screen vessels across all IUU lists, US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) Withhold Release Orders (WRO) and Findings.

Screening against the US Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons (SDN) List is on deck.

Flexible queries

Tailor requests to your specific needs, ensuring you get exactly the data you require without unnecessary complexity.

Welcome to the sandbox sandbar

We are fostering a community of developers, researchers, data scientists and stakeholders in the fisheries sector and across supply chains to engage with our API, share feedback, and contribute to its evolution.

Our Commitment

Continual Evolution

Our API is designed to scale. Over the coming weeks and months, we will expand our parameters to include US and EU trade regulations and broader fisheries data, helping you adapt and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of fisheries management.

Robust Documentation and Active Support

To facilitate easy adoption and integration.

Photo by Guy Kawasaki / Unsplash