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Supply Chain Assurance

For Seafood Sourcing and Trade

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With an Expert by Your Side

Due diligence is painful and expectations are rising. New seafood product sourcing risks seem to make the headlines every day.  Goldfish software provides the assurance you need to screen every transaction in real time and:


Check for compliance

Fix potentially costly mistakes

Flag suspicious information


Leverage world class global databases on Goldfish Net or supercharge your current platform with our GraphQL API.


Who We Work With

Goldfish provides advanced risk screening for professionals across the seafood supply chain and beyond.


Ensure compliance with US import regulations like SIMP and streamline the entry filing process. 



 Supplement your auditing practice with continuous IUU fishing and forced labor risk screening.


Law Enforcement

 Implement risk-based targeting and quickly zero in on key insights for your investigations.



Continuously monitor compliance to preserve the integrity of your responsible sourcing program.



Build smart menus and create endless valuable features for your users with our new GraphQL API.



Leverage our databases of 350k+ fishing vessels, global fisheries and more built from official records.

Goldfish Net

Ready to try something new? Our user-friendly web interface features time saving smart dropdown menus, seamless fishing vessel screening and a dynamic workflow.

Goldfish API

Never hunt for due diligence information again with validated, structured fisheries data at your fingertips.

Visit our sandbox sandbar today and join a growing community of solution providers making a difference in supply chain integrity.

Trusted Data

Reliable information is hard to find and even harder to understand. Our best-in-class datasets and rule engines are designed for large-scale, high-performance screening and analysis.


Here are the global databases Goldfish maintains:




Registered Fishing Vessels

The world’s largest repository of authorized fishing vessels, sourced entirely from official public records.
Over 25 data fields, including:



All the ‘baddies’, all in one place.


Goldfish automates due diligence against:

  • Public vessel blacklists
  • Withhold Release Orders
  • Sanctioned fishing vessels





Vessel Blacklists



Unique Global Fisheries

The world’s most comprehensive index of commercial fisheries, covering virtually all trade.


Fishery data elements:





Trade Regulations

From expansions to sanctions to complete new rules coming on line, seafood compliance is getting more and more complex.  

That's why Goldfish build and maintains a database of all seafood sourcing data and records requirements for US import regulations and when each regulation applies on a product-by-product basis.  It includes the required formatting of each data element for customs clearance purposes which is transformative for interoperability between B2B and B2G systems.

What Goldfish keeps up-to-date:

New: Russia Imports Ban

Cod, herring, pollock and crab imports ban on Russian-origin seafood

Seafood Import Monitoring Program

Detailed sourcing requirements for high-risk species

Shrimp Imports Program

Import bans and sourcing information

Dolphin Safe Tuna / 370

Tuna labeling requirements

Highly Migratory Species
Tuna and swordfish requirements
Antarctic Species / AMLR
Toothfish and krill requirements
Certificate of Admissibility
Import bans and sourcing attestation
Coming Soon: FDA Food Traceability Rule
FSMA 204 begins January 2026
Coming Soon: Catch Certificate Data for EU & UK Exports
Regulations change January 2026

Click the federal agency logos for sample updates from our blog on regulations Goldfish covers.


World Class Data

Comprehensive global vessel and fishery and regulation indices.

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User-Friendly Platform

Turn hours of work into minutes and share in any format.

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Unlimited Applications

Supercharge your spreadsheets, ERP or traceability systems.

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