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Compliance without the guesswork
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Effortlessly Manage Compliance with Goldfish's Unified Workflow

Goldfish maps US regulatory programs into a single compliance workflow, streamlining data entry time by 80% and reducing complications from errors so that you can focus on higher-value tasks.
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    Seafood Import Monitoring Program
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    Tuna Tracking and Verification Program
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    MMPA & COA

    Marine Mammal Protection Act Imports Rule & NOAA's Certificate of Admissibility
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    Antarctic Living Marine Resources Program
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    Atlantic Highly Migratory Species International Trade Program
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    Section 609

    Section 609 Program for Shrimp Harvesting Nations

Streamline Data Entry with Ease and Accuracy

Goldfish transforms government programs into a magic checklist that helps ensure your data entry is complete and accurate.
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Accelerate Imports, Audits, and Supplier Vetting with Goldfish

Streamline seafood imports, audits, and supplier vetting processes with Goldfish's advanced RegTech platform.
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    Identify and Fix Errors

    With real-time analytics, Goldfish identifies and warns against risks and errors before committing information.
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    Manage Documentation

    Goldfish suggests and collects regulatory documents that are contextual to your import.
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    Intelligent due diligence

    With guided imports, Goldfish checks that every input is validated against the most accurate data.
  • Goldfish Vessel Alert
  • Admissibility Requirements Audit
  • Goldfish Contextual Suggestions

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