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Efficient Trade Compliance

Automating Fast, Accurate, and Reliable Seafood Trade

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Every box checked, every detail reviewed.  When it comes to compliance, don't settle for 'good enough' when you can be invincible.


Created for industry, game-changing for enforcement, user-friendly for all.  What will reliable seafood sourcing data unlock for you?


Great software doesn't have to break the bank.  Pay as you go, scale with unlimited access, or go enterprise for customization, APIs and more. 

Flawless Seafood Sourcing Data is Finally Within Reach

Catch problems before they start with predictive text and smart dropdown menus.


So Long, Guesswork!

Keeping track of constantly changing regulations, trade restrictions and documents required for imports can be a nightmare. 

Check these off your to-do list, forever:

Seafood Import Monitoring Program

Detailed sourcing requirements for 157 Tariff Codes and 1,141 Species

Section 609

Highly detailed shrimp import bans across across 10 countries

Tuna Tracking and Verification Program

Requirements for all tuna imports

Coming soon: FSMA 204

FDA's new Food Traceability Rule begins in 2026

Atlantic Highly Migratory Species International Trade Program
Requirements for tuna and swordfish
Antarctic Living Marine Resources Program
Advance approval for certain products.
Certificate of Admissibility
Fishery-specific import bans.
Coming Soon: Marine Mammal Protection Act Imports Rule
New bans expected January 2024

The World's First Global Vessel Database

A customer favorite you're going to love.





Fishing Vessels

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Introducing Vessel Finder

Enter fishing vessel information and use our global vessel database to fill in the banks. Integrated cross-checking ensures your vessel is not blacklisted or subject to import bans.

The data Goldfish checks is sourced exclusively from government records to ensure your due diligence is as effective as possible within the sphere of checkable public data.  Industry customers use this feature to save time and ensure their vessels are registered.  Research and enforcement customers use it to triangulate vessel information across multiple sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers to common questions about our platform and services.

How does it work?

We use government-issued and internationally-recognized data to compare and validate information entered in our software. We are continually discovering, digitizing, and translating a wide array of datasets from around the world to ensure our software stays up-to-date.

What information do we check?

Using a complex series of rules, we assess the fishery, vessel, permit and harvest location together or separately. If you are importing seafood to the United States, we are also able to perform regulatory completeness checks to confirm that all requisites for import are in order.

Is Goldfish for me?

If you have information to check, are an importer/exporter, or if you are considering importing/exporting a product and need a place to store your information in the meantime, then we are right for you.

Is my data safe?

Yes, we have security measures to ensure your data and documents are protected. Also, we don't use your personal information; you have the right to your data and documents. Our software acts as a hub to digitize, document, and store your records and interact with your suppliers if you choose to.