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Supercharge your platform with Goldfish's User-Friendly GraphQL API

What will you build

with normalized and meticulously maintained global datasets?


Harmonized fishing and transshipment vessel profiles with 40+ attributes ranging from identifiers and permits to owners and crew.

Illegal actors

Every publicly listed vessel known to be operating illegally, active US sanctions, vessel-specific trade bans and more.

NGO-flagged vessels

All China-flagged vessels unofficially identified for illegal fishing risk by the Outlaw Ocean Project. Read the announcement.

Global fisheries

Every association of species, fishing area, gear type and authorizing nation known to global trade. Read the announcement.

MSC fisheries

Status and key attributes of fisheries certificates issued by the Marine Stewardship Council. Read the announcement.


Complete taxonomic data and associated FAO codes for literally every species known to science. Read the announcement.

Welcome to the sandbox sandbar

A free playground to validate whether our API is a fit now or in the future. No contract or token required.

The sandbar is a fully functional copy of our production API, including all updates. Sandbar is explicitly built for testing and validation, not production and the datasets are limited. Fancy caching, redundancy, and performance benefits are only available on our production API.

For a personalized 1:1 technical onboarding for the Sandbar, email our product team at with the subject "Sandbar API Onboarding."


Our Commitment

Continual Evolution

Our API is designed to scale. Over the coming weeks and months, we will expand our parameters to include US and EU trade regulations and broader fisheries data, helping you adapt and stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of fisheries management.

Robust Documentation and Active Support

To facilitate easy adoption and integration.