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For just $15, try our user-friendly web platform for easier:


US Imports

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Above: Vessel finder completing all known identifiers.

Check Fishing Vessels

Enter any vessel information you have and instantly:

1. See all known identifiers for the vessel

2. Ensure the vessel is not on an IUU vessel blacklist

3. Ensure the vessel is not subject to US trade sanctions


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Know Your Data: Vessel Identifiers

Dynamic Workflow

Like a magic checklist, the Goldfish Net interface adjusts automatically based on species, product and origin country.  It asks for all the information you need across six import regulations—no more and no less than the law requires.

Customization is available for enterprise customers with specific sourcing requirements.

Regulations include:

Seafood Import Monitoring Program (NOAA SIMP)

Tuna Tracking and Verification Program (NOAA 370 / TTVP)

Section 609 Shrimp Imports (DS 2031)

Certificate of Admissibility ( NOAA Marine Mammal Protection Act Import Prohibitions)

Smart Menus

Goldfish takes every opportunity to narrow possible options and suggest compatible answers.  

Smart Selection tools don't just save time, they minimize avoidable "gotcha" errors like typos, and produce high quality, structured data that you can export in any format to a broker, traceability provider, customer or auditor.

Above: Smart tariff code selection based on species and product features.

Interoperable, Portable Data

Whether you use paper records, spreadsheets or are looking to move to an online platform, Goldfish's intuitive UI and interoperable output formats can help.


CSV / Excel


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