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Gold + Fish I Goldfish Inc. was founded in 2022 by supply chain experts in gold and fish after uncovering the striking similarities supply chain, compliance and assurance issues across highly regulated natural resource commodities in global trade.  



Open Markets I We are strong advocates for market equality as the key to a more sustainable and prosperous world. When all producers have the opportunity to access premium markets without being held back by onerous technology and convoluted regulations, they not only survive but thrive. When markets have the flexibility to source from any responsible market, it fosters the kind of nimble management environmental stewardship requires in the face of a changing climate.



Removing Barriers I We create groundbreaking products that simplify the process for responsible companies to enter heavily regulated markets. These obstacles encompass digitalization, deciphering intricate regulations, and verifying sourcing claims.



Inclusive Access I The pathway to tech that supports flourishing communities and global stewardship requires valuing inclusivity and prioritizing accessibility of a global user base. We are guided by inclusive design principles to create products for users of varying technical aptitude, languages, and educational background.


Celeste Leroux I Co-founder, CEO

Ryan Taylor I Co-founder, VP of Product, Research & Design

Emily Zimmerman I Product Research Lead

Vipin Goyal I Senior Developer

Scott Townsend I Sales Consultant

Brooks Byrne I Sales Consultant