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Plans and Pricing


No commitment, all UI features.


$15 start

  • Vessel Finder

  • Fisheries Check

  • All Features

  • Export CSV, JSON, + PDF


Significant cost savings for unlimited use.

Features and Benefits
  • Team Collaboration

  • API Integrations

  • Priority Customizations

  • Personalized Support

Frequently Asked Questions

How does usage-based billing work?

Usage-based customers are billed at the end of each month based on the number of harvest events at this rate:

  • Events 1-10: $15 each
  • Events 11-500: $9 each
  • Events 500+: $8 each

Sourcing regulations focus on harvest events, so our UI bills on a per-harvest event basis.  You can think of a harvest event as one distinct fishing trip.  Multiple harvest events can be associated with a single transaction  (such as a lot of entry number), but they will be billed individually.

Is my data safe?

Yes.  Goldfish has security measures in place to ensure that your data and documents are protected. Additionally, we do not use your personal information and you maintain the rights to your data and documents. 

I'd like to know more.

We would be happy to answer any additional questions!  Please send us an email or schedule a call at a time that works for you.